PONY'S EVIL PAST FINALLY REVEALED.. (Secret Notes) | Roblox Piggy

22 феб 2021
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Thanks to MiniToon adding new secret notes into Roblox Piggy: Book 2 Chapter 6 we finally now know Pony's evil past and why Willow Wolf hates him!
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  • Mr. Mister stitching is the tallest in the game

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  • Dude showdown penny is mr.stichy’s owner

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  • Pony might be bad but he only did the to the T.S.P

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  • Theory:Mr stitchy has the same white eye as infected pony?!

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  • What is its not mr sticky and its ghost bunny

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  • Theory: The second note said deserted us with 'IT'. IT IS MR. STITCHY!!!!

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  • zzzzzzyaaaaaabutter sooooo that means like when will we will know about pony like before he went somewhere like he was at the snow for something like we found out

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  • Wait... Mr. stITchy?...

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  • you are talking about mr stitchy

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  • kreekcraft the infected pony skin one eye is white like mr stichy

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  • This makes that wasn't Arthur's fist that was Ponys!!!!

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  • Alfis also has mrstichy eye!!!

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  • My theory is that William got infected with the winning smile so that’s why he had to leave Username: thegamemaster939

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  • He left Zizzy in the chapter 3 map he left them to take care of infected Zizzy

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  • Pigony Lol

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  • 1:10 "Daisy doggy" Doggy's sister confirmed

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  • Theory: Pony has Trypophobia and thinks the eyes are whispering to him and think they are holes

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  • The shadow piggy is William like in city ending the shadow had no etas but it was Georgie

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  • DO NOT WATCH THIS AT 3AM you will not sleep

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    • Or it may be zizzy

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  • What's Usain Bolt Pony parts William he kill him with his doors

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  • Kreeck in the first map of the book2 you can se the skin of halloween

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  • Mari doesn’t actually have the same eye

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  • Kreekcraft there is eye in the school in the place where you escape!

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  • When it hit the blue potion it dark penny

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  • What if the infected that have the stichy eye pattern and colour are the ones who were cultists however there summoning didn’t go quite as planned getting them infected

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  • Everyone knows pony left t.s.p member but this apocolypce is crazy

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  • Is pony evil? hope he does not betray us.

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  • Also theory: maybe the shadowy creature was controlling them all but it did not have the ability to make everyone so powerful so it created clones to go do the work so it wouldn't get caught itself :0

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  • Maybe since Mr. stitchy is involved in book 2 tHaTs why there are pennys shadow figures since kreek mentioned that mr. stitchy is Pennys teddy

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  • What if "him" was Kolie?

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  • Pony stop you mean man

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  • Theory: Willow's parents were put in the station map. They WERE arrested. Name: Supaman9999

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