ALL ENDINGS EXPLAINED.. (Saving Zizzy!) | Roblox Piggy: Book 2 Chapter 6

21 феб 2021
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Today KreekCraft breaks down Roblox Piggy: Book 2 Chapter 6 and explains all three endings in Chapter 6! It's finally time to save Zizzy and find the cure!
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Intro: (0:00)
Endings Explained: (0:24)
Secret Notes: (5:19)
New Skins: (6:15)
Outro: (7:14)
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  • You can listen to the ENDING SONG here: IT'S SO GOOD!! 🎵🎵

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  • Theory: Stitchy possessed Tigery, considering he helped TSP on the intro of chapter 2, and guarded zizzy on chapter 3.

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  • Theory: what if the kawola skin isn’t infected and mr stichy is actually the reason he is killing the players because mr stichy is taking control of him and that’s why there is voices and mr stichy eyes everywhere? 🤔

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  • has everyone forgotten about the black ghosty figure in the end of the trailer??? It technically means when we get to the cure somthing will "try to stop us." from getting the cure.

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  • When piggy was first Made it was like nothing But when you came in,people are playing it all over the whole world from USA to china

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  • Theory for the last chapter: you get infected.. (bad ending). Good ending: you save all the piggies

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  • Chapter 7 is the boat Chapter 8 is the military base and the new skin is daisy in army uniform

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  • Willow: “Wait.. SHE HAD SISTERS?!” - Dead zizzy : “Always have been.” “ points gun”

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  • Willow is proved to not be infected because during the ending you could still see her 'scratch marks' on her nose.

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